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Snax 24

SNAX 24’s overall marketing strategy is to offer the customer branded goods at competitive prices, in a clean, modern, air-conditioned shopping environment with friendly, helpful and well-trained staff. It is essential that the SNAX 24 retail image remains distinct from the forecourt petrol operation and that the two are marketed individually though complimenting each other; to the customer they must be perceived as two separate operations.

Promotions are one of the cornerstones of the SNAX 24 concept. Throughout the year promotions are planned to coincide with the various special occasion days i.e. Christmas, Easter and Bank Holidays. Seasonal promotions are also important, particularly summer when impulse driven products are in particular demand. SNAX 24 tailors its promotions encouraging its customers to “trade up” i.e. buy 2, get 1 free and not simply run “money off” offers. The impulse nature of promotions is ideally suited to the forecourt shop environment as the stores are specifically designed to catch the eye of the busy motorist as well as the convenience shopper.

Each new site opening needs to be planned carefully in order to gain maximum publicity and local interest. The various promotions and initiatives planned for each site are carefully researched, in order to gain the maximum level of interest and response with the identified local catchment area.

Suppliers are encouraged to participate in all promotional activities, both financially and in terms of material support. Advertising campaigns through local radio and newspapers are implemented where possible, whilst all promotions maintain a high level of local consumer interest. SNAX 24 quickly establishes a loyal customer base from which to build rapidly. The three profit centres, fuel, shop and carwash compliment one another. Fuel customers become shop customers and vice versa.

It should be noted that the industry calculates that a new site can take up to 5 years to mature and reach its full potential. However, many new SNAX 24 sites, because of their site opening programme and aggressive marketing, reach maturity in the 2nd year of operation.

The high standards of SNAX 24’s retail operations quickly establish a loyal customer base and thus manage to get as many customers into the shop as soon as possible after opening.

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