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SNAX 24 is the successor to Heron Service Stations, founded by Gerald Ronson nearly 45 years ago. Gerald Ronson is well known for revolutionising petrol retailing in the 1970’s, pioneering such concepts as self-service sites, canopies and forecourt shops. Heron Service Stations bought sites and redeveloped them into successful modern forecourt operations.

In early 1992, Heron Service Stations had a network of over 200 sites with a 2% share of British fuel sales. Heron placed the majority of its existing service stations on the market, resulting in the sale of around 150 sites to ELF.

Heron Service Stations had however recognised an opportunity in the market place for convenience retailing and was developing a specific convenience store concept under the name of SNAX 24.

The 30 or so sites, which remained with Heron, became the focus of the Service Station Management Team. It brought in the New York based retail consultancy, CDI Group, to guide further research and development of the SNAX 24 concept. By May 1993, the SNAX 24 concept was complete and it was then that the plans for a management buyout were put into action. Using funds from the Ronson family trust’s, SNAX 24 was formed, with Mr. Ronson as Chairman and Bill Ahearn as Managing Director. Today, SNAX 24 is widely recognised as one of, if not, the leading operator in the Fuel Retailing/Convenience Store sector. Many of the innovations they introduced such as open-faced chillers and temperature controlled sandwich display units are now widely used throughout the industry.

SNAX 24 continues to seek out new ideas, always looking to improve still further the standard of operation and the quality and value it gives to its customers. This determined and focused approach will ensure that SNAX 24 continues to lead in this sector well into the future.

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